Nord-Lock: 6: Washer size, e.g. 6 fits with M6 bolt: sp: Indicates washers with enlarged outer diameter: ss-254: Indicates washers with special materials e.g. ss-254 is stainless steel: Nord-Lock original washers We have two categories of wedge-locking washers available in …


Nord-Lock Washers, 316 Stainless Steel The NordLock® bolt securing system uses geometry to safely lock bolted joints in the most critical applications. This unique wedge-locking system offers the following advantages:

6003299. 29. DIGITAL IGNITION COIL / BOBINE DE ALLUMAGE DIGITALE  52063617 Hex screw. ST10.9 BLACK, M12X40, DIN933.

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3030146. WASHER M10 NORD LOCK. Ordertyp. Pris (Exkl. moms) (Inkl.

Torquelator by Nord-Lock calculates the preload and corresponding torque for bolted joints secured with Nord-Lock washers. Makes installation easier!

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Nord-Lock steel washers EN 1.7182 or equivalent, zinc flake coating (Delta Protekt®), through hardened Dimension chart Washer size Bolt size Metric Approx. weight kg 100 pairs / NL3 L42 –N T ± 0,25 mm NL45 L130 –N T ± 0,75 mm Note that washers with thickness 6,6 mm have a thickness tolerance +0,0 / -0,5 mm • Please consult our website for current dimensions and 2D / 3D CAD models: www

Nord lock washer

Washers are reusable.. 316 stainless steel washers have excellent resistance to chemicals and salt water. 17 rows Nord lock is a certified fastening system utilizing the wedge-effect that makes the mating bolt self locking. It prevents the loosening of the bolt due to vibration or dynamic loads. These are more usually used on industrial, oil field sectors and some other critical applications.

Each batch is assigned a control number which ensures full traceability and confirms that the washer is a genuine Nord-Lock article. The control number is printed on the package as well as on every washer pair, enabling full The use of Nord-Lock washer pairs is beneficial wherever there is a risk of a threaded connection working loose. Even under strong vibrations and dynamic loads, Nord-Lock has been guaranteeing maximum anti-rotation locking for over 30 years.

Wedges on the inside lock the two pieces together, and serrations on the exterior grip surfaces to resist loosening from high vibration and shifting.

The objective of this strategic cooperation is  Tab washers or Nord-Lock washers? Finding the ultimate bolt securing system is no easy task. Here is a guide to making the right choice.

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av D Nyberg · 2019 — Nord-Lock is the company that introduced the wedge-locking washer in the nineteen-eighties and patented its function. Since the expiration of 

19. DIN 933 - M16x30.

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Nord-Lock washers (aka Wedge Lock Washers ) - Anyone try them on axle nuts? Firstly - let me get this out of the way - they are NOT cheap.

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The Nord-Lock® washer is locked in place, allowing movement only across the face of the cams. The tension created makes the bolt/nut self-locking so it cannot move. Nord-Lock® has cams on one side with a greater rise than the pitch of the bolt. In addition, Nord-Lock® has radial teeth on the opposite side. The washers are installed in

16.00 kr. Airconception Nord-Lock washer for exhaust collector mängd.

En revolution inom design och. åtdragning av skruvförband. Superbolt  WASHER / RONDELLE / SCHEIBE / ARANDELA / ROSETTA NORD-LOCK NL4. 2. 6003299. 29.